slick+designusa Founder and Principal Rocco Laudizio, internationally recognized for his signature style and innovative vision, brings over 35 years of design and architecture expertise to an ever-increasing collection of A-List clientele that spans across the globe.

While the iconic Modernist architecture of his native city of Chicago served as an unmistakable early influence in his design aesthetic, Laudizio also found great inspiration in the vibrant colors and geometrical precision found within the Mod Era of 1960’s graphic design. Always a forward thinker, Laudizio bridged these two great influences to develop a distinctive style all his own, pairing structural minimalism with boldly hued accents and furnishings, resulting in an innovative and unique aesthetic now recognized the world over.

If innovation was a key component in developing Laudizio’s signature style, it certainly was the spark which ignited slick+designusa. Recognizing a need to veer away from the ubiquitous “cookie cutter” design projects that began littering the city-scape, Laudizio founded slick+designusa in 1996 in order to provide a “total design experience” to his clients, seamlessly integrating form and function and accessibility. From first concept to project completion, covering project management and even manufacturing, Laudizio’s commitment to “hands on” design services ensures that every meticulous detail is considered and handled with expertise. As a result, slick+designusa holds a reputation for delivering innovative, state of the art designs that are both unique and functional.

slick+designusa’s extensive portfolio boasts a variety of projects in a wide range of industries such as hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, live entertainment venues, retail stores, commercial and residential developments, and luxury yacht interiors. Each location showcasing that unique and timeless signature style which has garnered accolades from around the world.